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They say the sea is cold, but the sea contains the hottest blood of all, and the wildest, the most urgent.
~ D H Lawrence

Skills coaching and assessment at all levels:
BCU Training & BCU Assessments
ACA Training & ACA Assessments
Including ACA Trip Leader

Beginnings: Level 1 ~ 2
The First & Next Strokes
The Complete Stroke

Intermediate: Level 3 ~ 4
The Sound Paddler
The Coastal Paddler

Advanced: Level 5
The Expedition Paddler

Clinics & Workshops:
The Kayak Roll
Stroke Tune-up
Rescue & Reentry Review
Tides & Currents
Weather Forecasting for Kayakers
Expedition Planning

NEW  Incident Management Workshop
It happens!  Be prepared!  Practice rescues in realistic situations, learn new rescue techniques, tow incapacitated paddlers, fish swimmers and boats from rocky shorelines, paddle in wind, rough water and in the rocks, and predict nasty weather.  We won't know what the day will bring, but we will have fun.  Prerequisite: Intermediate and coastal paddling.

First Strokes:

Starting with boat design and safety, we move on to sheltered waters where we practice the foundation strokes and maneuvers of sea kayaking. You will also perform safe wet exits, plus practice self and assisted (the T) rescues. We will discuss the basics of trip planning such as tides, current and weather.
Prerequisite: None, but be prepared to get wet and have fun!

The Next Stroke:
Now that you know how to use a paddle, we move on to fine-tuning boat control with your body (edging). Where your body goes your kayak will follow! Building on the foundation of the Beginning Strokes course, you will be introduced to many more kayak strokes that will make your boating more efficient and fun. Basic navigation will be discussed and now you will have the chance to practice your rescue skills in open water!
Prerequisite: A developing kayaker and the Beginning Strokes or equivalent.

The Complete Stroke:
This two-day full-immersion session combines both the First and Next Stroke classes for a weekend filled with fun and information to complete your introduction to sea kayaking. This course follows the curriculum for the BCU 2 Star award.
Prerequisite: None, but be prepared to get wet and have fun!

The Sound Paddler:
Moving from the near shore and sheltered waters out to The Sound exposes paddlers to wind, waves and tidal currents. This course is specifically designed to provide the developing kayaker with the skills necessary for paddling on Puget Sound safely. Towing and group dynamics will be introduced. We also will use charts to identify navigation aids, landmarks, estimate distance and locate shipping lanes. Use this course to refine your BCU 3 * Sea Skills.
Prerequisite: A sense of adventure and the Next Stroke or equivalent.

The Coastal Paddler: Open Coast & Surf Zone:
Safe launching and landing on beaches often involves breaking waves. Even the smallest “ankle-slapper” can expose a kayaker to danger. This course introduces sea kayakers to the dynamics of The Sea! We first take a short coastal tour where we learn about the ocean and how to paddle near rocks. Then, onto the beach where we practice our bracing skills and learn safe launching and landing techniques in The Surf Zone. On the paddle home we will practice our towing and rescue skills. This course will prepare you for the BCU 4 Star.
Prerequisite: The lure of the sea and Sound Paddling or equivalent.

The Expedition Paddler; Tidal Races & Rough Water:
A sea kayak adventure often involves negotiating rough water caused by tidal exchange and wind. This course focuses on strategies and skills for paddling in rough water, safely crossing and paddling in tidal races and using eddies to your advantage. As with all Kayak Kraft courses, we will practice wet exits and rescues in the waters we paddle!
Prerequisite: The need for a challenge, the Surf Zone and good braces or equivalent.

Stroke Tune-up:
Everything needs maintenance once in a while, even sea kayakers! This course will remind you of the strokes and techniques you once learnt but maybe now find rusty. Significant time will be dedicated to the forward stroke and to tuning up your maneuvering skills to put the fun back into paddling. This course will prepare you for the BCU 3 Star award.
Prerequisite: You don’t have to be rusty, but you should know how to paddle.

The Kayak Roll:
Build confidence into your paddling by mastering the kayak roll. The roll is not a party trick; it's an essential part of your rescue repertoire. Maybe your roll is not 100% effective. We can spend time diagnosing possible causes of problems and help you develop a more reliable roll.
Prerequisite: Beginning Strokes or equivalent.

One-on-One Coaching:
Schedule a regular on-going session with Kayak Kraft to develop your sea kayak skills.
This is a great way to incrementally gain confidence, develop new knowledge and insight with the essential component of regular pracitce and feedback.

Kayak Kraft can accommodate any skill level from beginners to expedition paddlers and adventure racers.

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See you on the water!